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Valle de Guajuco (HGIS de las Indias (lugares))

[[1701, 1808]]
Record title:Valle de Guajuco
WHG identifier:172579 (Linked Places record)
Source identifier: 1004927 source record
Variants: Valle de Guajuco;
Earliest/Latest: 1701 / 1808
Type(s): Poblacion;
Linked records in WHG: none yet
Locations (1): [-100.0446, 25.3274] copy coordinates to clipboard
Related: part of: Nueva EspaƱa (Superior) [{'end': {'in': 1808}, 'start': {'in': 1701}}] part of: Monterrey (Jurisdiccion) [{'end': {'in': 1735}, 'start': {'in': 1701}}] part of: Nuevo Leon (Provincia) [{'end': {'in': 1808}, 'start': {'in': 1701}}] part of: Monterrey (Obispado) [{'end': {'in': 1808}, 'start': {'in': 1779}}] part of: Guadalajara (Obispado) [{'end': {'in': 1778}, 'start': {'in': 1701}}] part of: Valle de Guajuco (Jurisdiccion) [{'end': {'in': 1808}, 'start': {'in': 1736}}] part of: Mexico (Audiencia) [{'end': {'in': 1740}, 'start': {'in': 1701}}] part of: Guadalajara (Audiencia) [{'end': {'in': 1808}, 'start': {'in': 1741}}]


Dataset details

Title: HGIS de las Indias (lugares)
Earliest/Latest: 1494 / 1817
Creator(s): Werner Stangl
Last modified: 24 Sep 2022