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North American Toponyms: Canton Case Study

Resource type Lesson plan
Published date 12 Feb 2023
DescriptionThis lesson will help students understand toponyms and their connection to historical events, trends and patterns. The lesson is divided into two parts. The first part asks students to make connections to key Human Geography concepts such as colonization, migration, urbanization, agglomeration, economic zones, etc. using Canton/Guangzhou as a case study. This first part of the lesson also explores the evolution of the city of Canton/Guangzhou throughout history. The second part of the lesson focuses on toponyms and examines the adoption of international place names in North America using Canton as the case study.
Subjects AP Human Geography
Grade levels 9-12
Keywords Toponym, Economic Development, Urbanization, Colonization, Migration, Culture
Author(s) Kari Hoose
Region(s) Eastern Asia, Northern America