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Title Gazetteer of Stone Quarries in the Roman World
ID / label 1319 / rome2
Description The Stone Quarries Database was compiled by Ben Russell as part of his research project on Sculpted Stone and the Roman Economy. The database includes all those quarries at which activity in the Roman period is proven or suspected. Creators of the database noted that dating these quarries to specific periods within the Roman era is usually very difficult and so has been largely avoided. The uploaded dataset uses the more general period of Imperial Rome (27BC - 476 AD) unless otherwise specially noted. Some sites may have been used prior to this period. The full dataset is available from the the Oxford Roman Economy Project.
# Records 781
Timespan earliest: -510; latest: 476
Last modified 25 Dec 2023
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Creator(s) B.J. Russell
Contributors Alexandra Straub
Citation Russell, B. J. (2013). Gazetteer of Stone Quarries in the Roman World. Version 1.0. Accessed 7/1/23


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