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Title Côte d'Ivoire Settlements
ID / label 1461 / CôtedIvorSettlements
Description Côte d'Ivoire Settlements as compiled by United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) publicly available via the Humanitarian Data Exchange. Data transferred to LP-TSV format and cleaned. Duplicate names, however close together, are distinct settlements according to the data.
# Records 8367
Timespan earliest: 2008; latest: 2008
Source(s) OCHA and le Comité National de Télédétection et d'Information Géographique (CNTIG)
Last modified 25 Mar 2024
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Creator(s) OCHA West and Central Africa (ROWCA) Services
Contributors Justin Piel
Citation OCHA West and Central Africa (ROWCA) Services. Côte d'Ivoire Settlements. [Data file, last modified 25 Mar 2024]. Retrieved from, 12 Apr 2024


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